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City Hall Director's Cut DVD




Dear Cityhall Fans,
Hello. This is the administration team promoting Cityhall DVD Director Edited Version (http://cafe.daum.net/cityhalldvd).
On July 3rd 2009, we have started the promotion for the Director edited version through both Daum Agora petition and Daum Cafe, and as of today, July 12th 2009, we have reached 670 confirm!!!ed buyers.
Our administration team members are communicating with SBS Production and E&E media (DVD production) constantly for a successful result in our Cityhall DVD production.
We were assuming that this was going to be a very difficult process since SBS has never produced a Director edited version DVD before. However, SBS production informed us that they had actually stopped making the regular DVD when they received the news about the petition and the confirm!!!ed order research. We couldn't be more excited as we could see our project coming our way a lot faster than we expected.
Unfortunately, the favorable response from production does not mean the Director edited version DVD will be produced automatically. We need to reach at least 1000 confirm!!!ed orders for them to make a final decision in producing the DVD.
The profit and lost point of Director edited version DVD is 1000, so if we can't reach this point in confirm!!!ed order, producing Director edited version DVD is impossible.
We currently have 670 confirm!!!ed orders, so if we can add 330 more, we will finally be able to hold the Director edited version DVD in our hands and proudly give it to each of the writer, director, actors and the crew as well.
It is our own will and support that can make the Director edited version DVD happen, not the will and support of director, production or actors.
Now, it's time to prove that will and support.
If you are the one hesitating because you are unsure of the difference between regular DVD and Director edited version DVD, or
if you are the one who didn't participate in the confirm!!!ed order research because you plan to buy one when the production of DVD is finalized, or
if you are the one who participated in Daum Agora petition but do not know where to participate for the confirm!!!ed order research, or
if you are the one frustrated as an international fan because you don't know what is going on with the international order,
Please! Visit 'Cityhall Director edited version DVD promotion cafe (http://cafe.daum.net/cityhalldvd)' , look around for all the detailed information you were looking for after you register then participate in the confirm!!!ed order research.
If you have any question about registering to the Cafe or ordering the DVD, please contact

and I will be more than happy to assist you.
Below is the current process, discussed between E&E Media(DVD production) and us.
Things may change around a bit during the process in the future, but we can definitely say that they seem very positive and are willing to leave many parts open for us.
When the production comes close to being finalized, we will try our best to include as many of your opinions as possible.
1. Possible to produce DVD only if the confirm!!!ed orders reach 1000
2. Predicted amount of time needed for production: 2-3 months
3. DVD contents
    -Original episodes : 10 DVDs (2 episodes of higher quality that includes director edited scenes per DVD)
    -Special : 1 DVD (Interviews and commentaries of writer, director and actors + what fans want)
    -Other formation : We can negotiate about the contents we want (When the production seems close to being finalized, we will ask for your opinions)
4. Trying to find out if subtitles in different languages are possible for international fans
We'd like to ask you to advertise the information above encourage one another for greater participation among international fans. Each participation will make a huge difference and every single support possible is needed!
Also, we will ask for your opinions later on when the production comes close to being finalized, but we'd appreciate any ideas about the contents and/or the formation of the DVD now as well.

我們是推進 Cityhall Director's Cut DVD的 Daum Cafe "公務實行"組。

在2009年 7月 3日開始進行的推進Director's Cut DVD的工作,在2009年 7月 12日 目前達成了670個實際購買預約數了。
我們"公務實行"組為了實現Director's Cut DVD的製造,很努力跟SBS Production 及 E&E Media (DVD 製造廠)進行協議。
因為SBS曾經沒有製造過Director's Cut DVD的前例,所以我們當初預想可能是個很困難的工作。
可是受到SBS Production 他們知道我們所進行這項工作而暫停了一般版DVD製造這消息後,我們實在不的不感到興奮! 因為我們所開始的時候是一個不知道有沒有可能性的這工作,目前進行到開始出現具體的形象及方向而成功可能性也越來越逼近了呢!

可是無論Production 他們表示願意考慮製造Director's Cut DVD,我們必須要達成先預約
由於Director's Cut DVD的販賣損益分界線是1,000張的關係,如果沒有1,000個購買意思的話,不管我們多麼地希望,願意...Director's Cut DVD的製造是不可能的。
目前有了680張購買預約數,以後還有320張參加的話,我們即將把這麼盼願的.Director's Cut DVD交給監督,作家,演員等大家的雙手及懷裡~!

Director's Cut DVD的製造,不是監督的意志,製造廠的意志,也不是演員的意志,而是我們這些Cityhall迷的強健的意志而所確定的!

不知道Director's Cut DVD與一般版DVD之差而躊躇購買的人,
想在Director's Cut DVD製造確定之後才要決定購買,而還沒有參加購買申請調查的人,不知道在那裡進行購買申請的人,

請大家都加入' Cityhall Director's Cut DVD 推進 Cafe (http://cafe.daum.net/cityhalldvd)
加入Cafe或對購買有疑問的人請發郵件到 tonyung@hanmail.net 我們會詳細回答您!

以下是跟DVD製造廠E&E Media,到目前為止協定的內容.

○ 協定內容
  1. 實際購買申請必須要超過1,000個,才可以進行製造。  2. 預計製造所須其間 : 2-3個月   3. DVD收錄內容      - 本片 : 10張(每一張收錄2回提高畫質的以監督版而從新編輯的內容)      - Special : 1張(作家, 監督, 演員的Interview及Commentary + 我們所願意的內容)      - 其他構成 : 可以協定我們願意的Contents (確定製造時會接受大家的意見)     4. 正在確認是否能包含多種語言字幕


謝謝大家海外的Cityhall迷~希望大家能多多參加這次推進Director's Cut DVD工作,而獲得高品質,高畫質的Director's Cut DVD!

from: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=cityhall&no=19756


韓劇 Cityhall的中華FAN大家好!
真抱歉沒有提早通知大家,關于Diretor’s Cut DVD的事項。


目前DVD的預約在 http://cafe.daum.net/cityhalldvd 這裏進行。可是好像一部分外國FAN無法加入此網站,所以我們組員有在想辦法,請稍等一下!



英文: always-still@hanmail.net (Jamie)
中文, 日語: tonyung@hanmail.net (Jennifer)



我光看到「 4. 正在確認是否能包含多種語言字幕」我就已經瘋了。